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Battlefield Vietnam
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Developer(s) Digital Illusions
Publisher(s) EA Games
Release date(s) March 14, 2004
Genre First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen (T)
Platform(s) PC

Battlefield Vietnam is a first-person shooter computer game and the next game in Electronic Arts Battlefield franchise after Battlefield 1942. The game was developed by Digital Illusions and published by Electronic Arts on March 15, 2004 in North America and days later in other parts of the world.

On March 15, 2005, EA re-released the game as Battlefield Vietnam: Redux, which includes the 1.01, 1.02, 1.1, and 1.2 patches, new vehicles, maps, and the World War II mod.



Battlefield Vietnam takes place during the Vietnam War rather than World War II as in Battlefield 1942. It gives the character a variety of weapons, spanning the M16 to punji sticks that were used as booby-traps. It also has several new additions to it, such as air-lifting vehicles and playing the radio in any vehicle from a wide selection of the 1960s music. Another notable enhancement is the ability to fire from the passenger sides of vehicles this time around, rather than having to sit and watch. Also, helicopters hover by themselves (assuming there is a person in the pilot seat, and the helicopter is balanced) without requiring constant tapping of the keyboard, and the engineer class is sometimes equipped with a torch that allows for sabotage or eliminating a threat, such as a tank.

Primarily an online multi-player game, it is possible to play single-player, but gameplay is often marred by technical flaws. The initial release caused many complaints, as the American side had a vastly superior unit to the equivalent for the Vietcong, leading to one-sided contests. This was addressed in the first patch, and it is now much more evenly balanced.

There are numerous modifications (called mods) to Battlefield Vietnam in development. Many Battlefield 1942 mods changed over to BFV as well as many new ones were announced. Many of the existing, released BF1942 mods may at some point create a BFV version as well. How many modifications will actually be released is unknown, especially with the announcement of Battlefield 2.

There are several mods available for Battlefield Vietnam, such as the "Eve of Destruction" mod, which uses better quality models for vehicles and weapons, as well as introducing new ones and new maps. Another popular mod for Battlefield Vietnam is "Point of Existence" also known as PoE. PoE takes place in 2007, with a hypothetical war between the United States and Russia over oilfields in Africa.

Included Maps

Note: Though it is a game, the Maps in Battlefield Vietnam have major historical inaccuracies

Weapons of the Vietnam War

Battlefield Vietnam provides a host of different kinds of firearms, ranging from the famous M16 to the unusual Type 53 Rifle (actually its real name is the DP-28). The Vietnamese get plenty of booby-trap type weapons, such as pungi sticks, which are poisoned sticks pushed into the ground. Several different configurations are included, for assault, sniper, engineer and heavy class soldiers.

Assault weapons

The American M16 rifle and AK-47 can generally be considered the best assault weapons of the game. They both have a fast fire rate and heavy damage can quickly mop up the enemys forces. The game also inlcudes the M14, DP-28, M60 machine gun, MAT-49, and SKS-56. The RPD is included in the 1.1 patch.

Anti-armour weapons

The game includes anti-armour/anti-air weapons effective against destroying vehicles and tightly packed infantry. There is only one heat-seaking weapon, the SA-7. Otherwise, it includes the standard LAW, RPG-7 and RPG-2. The modereately effective M79 grenade launcher is included as well.


The game includes renditions of sidearms available to both sides during including the M1911, the M19 revolver and the TT-33 revolver. Sidearms are effective as a last ditch weapon for medium ranged combat. For short-ranged combat, there is a knife/machete available or a Mossberg 500 shotgun in some cases.

Sniper rifles

The sniper rifles have a long effective range and powerful scopes meant for killing at a distance. The weapons included are the M21 sniper, M40, SVD and the M91-30. The SVD has the longest range and most powerful scope in the game making it the deadliest sniper weapon.


In addition to the hand help weapons, there is a variety of explosive deviced available including C-4, time bombs and a variety of landmines including the infamous "Bouncing Betty". There is also a variety of grenades available as well as a high-explosive mortar.


Battlefield Vietnam hosts a large amount of period specific vehicles that were actually used in combat. It has land, air and sea vehicles included and unique vehicles to both sides. The vehicles included are:


Sheridan tank

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: Cannon, machine guns x 2
-Tactics: The ability to airlift this light tank makes it useful for striking behind enemy lines.

Patton tank

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: Cannon, machine guns x 2
-Tactics: Powerful but slow, infantry support is essential

M110 mobile artillery

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: 203mm explosive shell
-Tactics: Use to set up mobile artillery points and support attacks

M113 APC

-Capacity: 6
-Weapons: machine gun
-Tactics: Fast, use it to supply troops with a mobile healing point

Huey transport chopper

-Capacity: 5
-Weapons: 2 x M60 machine guns
-Tactics: Useful to strike and take enemy points behind front lines, airlift a tank to increase its power

Huey gunship chopper

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: gattling guns x 2, rockets, cannon
-Tactics: heavily armed, useful for antitank support

Cobra gunship chopper

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: minigun, guided missiles, rockets
-Tactics: Fast and useful for roving antitank support

Chinook heavy transport chopper

-Capacity: 8
-Weapons: machine guns x 2, rockets, cannon
-Tactics: Good for transporting troops and vehicles behind your own lines. Other than that, good for target practice.

PBR patrol boat

-Capacity: 3
-Weapons: machine guns x 2
-Tactics: Good for river or sea based maps, and shooting down aircraft.


-Capacity: 4
-Weapons: machine guns x 2, artillery
-tactics: use as a mobile base in water based maps

Jeep (MUTT)

-Capacity: 3
-Weapons: rockets
-Tactics: Fast, useful for anti armour support when assaulting

Phantom interceptor

-Capacity: 1
-Weapons: napalm, missiles
-Tactics: Fast, use the napalm for spooking enemies on the ground, and the guided missiles against aircraft.

Corsair attack aircraft

-Capacity: 1
-Weapons: bombs, machine gun
-Tactics: useful for ground stirkes, do NOT attempt to dogfight with it


T-54 Tank

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: Cannon, machine guns x 2
-Tactics: Powerful, but needs infantry or air support.

PT-76 tank

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: Cannon, machine guns x 2
-Tactics: Fast, utilise its ability to cross water in lightning attacks, also is amphibious so can cross water like a boat.

Mi-8 transport chopper

-Capacity: 6
-No weapons
-Tactics: acts as mobile spawnpoint for parchuting into bases

Mi-8T gunship chopper

-Capacity: 6
-Weapons: Missle launchers x4, machine guns


-Capacity: 5
-No weapons


-Capacity: 2
-No weapons

UAZ 469 jeep

-Weapons: rear mounted machine gun

ZSU-57-2 anti-aircraft (flak) gun

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: Anti-air flak shells

BM21 missle launcher truck

-Capacity: 2
-Weapons: Missle launcher x 6


-Capacity: 8
-Weapons: Machine gun, firing holes


-Weapons: Machine guns, bombs


-Weapons: Machine guns, bombs

In-Game Music

Battlefield Vietnam contains nearly twenty songs from the 1960s and 1970s. These include "War", "All Day and All Night", "I Fought the Law", "Get Ready" and "Surfin' Bird". Songs can be played when inside vehicles. An abrupt end to your favorite song can come if your vehicle explodes.


There are many mods for battlefield Vietnam, covering many different periods and theatres of war. Some popular ones include:

Dice City is a mod in which swat teams battle drug cartels, featuring urban landscapes and interesting vehicles, such as hot air baloons, airboats and supercars.

Revolution 1776 is based around the American war of Independence, and features muskets and cannon.

WW2 Mod is a popular mod which emulates BF:V graphics with BF: 1942 gameplay.


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