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Shadow Warrior
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Shadow Warrior cover art

Developer(s) 3D Realms
Publisher(s) GT Interactive
Release date(s) May 13, 1997
Genre First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Mature (M)
Platform(s) PC, Mac

Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter video game developed by 3D Realms and released on May 13, 1997 by GT Interactive, featuring Lo Wang, a master ninja assassin or "Shadow Warrior". Shadow Warrior was developed using Ken Silverman's Build engine.

Shadow Warrior improved on 3D Realms' previous Build engine game, Duke Nukem 3D, by introducing true room-over-room situations, some 3D sprites (weapons and keys), transparent water, climbable ladders, and assorted vehicles to drive (some armed with weapons).

Although ultra-violent, the game emphasized tongue-in-cheek humor. Several original novels featuring Lo Wang were published in the wake of the game's release.

On April 1, 2005 3D Realms released the source code for Shadow Warrior under the GPL.



Kung-Fu Punch

A quickly thrown set of punches that are automatic-fire by holding down the attack key. Each punch does 10-40 points of damage to an enemy. The punch can also be used on training dummies in Lo Wang's dojo or other locales to restore his health in small, random increments. However in converse, punching hard surfaces like walls or steel will sometimes do a point of damage to Lo Wang himself, and he can even kill himself doing this if his health is too low.

Katana Sword

Many players' favorite melée weapon. This weapon has no fear of backlash damage unlike the punches, and it has the cool ability to cause the Evil Ninja to become literally slashed into two pieces. A single slash is 50-80 points of damage, and will always 1-hit kill the default Brown Ninja. Lo Wang also tends to say various one-liners when he kills with the sword.


The basic "pistol" like weapon of Shadow Warrior, the Shuriken isn't too strong on its own, each star doing only 5-10 points of damage, but they are thrown in threes, and they have the advantage that some can stick into walls, and the lodged stars can sometimes be pulled out of the walls to be used again by going up them and pressing the use key. The opinion on this weapon is mixed though. You must also have at least 3 shurikens to shoot, and you can carry a maximum of 99 shurikens at one time.

Riot Gun

The "shotgun" of Shadow Warrior, in more ways then one. A single shot expells roughly 7-10 pellets at the foe in a somewhat close-knit line pattern like most shotgun weapons. Each pellet does 4 points of damage, but the secondary mode, a four barrel-at-once shot can be used to devastate stronger enemies. A single direct hit usually takes out the Brown Ninja as well. You can hold a maximum of 52 shells at once.


Small and compact, yet they possess potential to be a deadly semi-automatic weapon. They shoot out bullets at a rate of around 10-15 a second, and each bullet does 5-7 points of damage. Additionally, finding a second uzi allows you to use both at once, John Woo style. You can carry a maximum of 200 bullets at one time.

Micro Missile Launcher

Possessing three separate modes, the Micro Missile Launcher is the basic rocket-launcher of Shadow Warrior at first glance. The primary mode shoots a small missile at around 15-60 damage for the main hit and 50-100 points of additional splash damage.

The secondary mode is similar to the first, except it shoots a heat-seeking version of the above missile that can home on targets. This mode requires a heat-seeker card, which each allow five of your missiles to be heat-seeking.

The tertiary mode is one of the more destructive weapons in some FPSs: An actual nuclear warhead which has a devasting blast area of 30,000 units and does around 0-800 points in splash damage, in addition to the direct damage, leaving behind radiation clouds which can poison you or the enemies. You must find a nuclear warhead for this mode to work, and usually when this mode is selected the launcher will voice a countdown to being able to use it, in which after it can be shot, or it can be put away and later brought back out in a quickly-needed situation.

Grenade Launcher

This weapon launches out a 40mm explosive shell that will bounce 3 times then explode. It is ideal for dealing death in hard to reach places like ledges, or around corners. It has a very large radius area of damage, so don't be too close when it detonates.

Sticky Mines

Perhaps the sneakiest weapon in Lo Wang's arsenal, this is a small explosive device surrounded by sharp spikes, which will allow it to 'stick' to nearly any surface. Once attached to a floor, wall, ceiling, or even an enemy, there is a 3 second priming timer. Once this timer is set, the bomb will detonate when it's motion detectors sense something near. Just stick one on an enemy and watch the fun.

Rail Gun

A top secret weapon and still classified, the Rail Gun will shoot a piece of metal at near light speed, propelled from a magnetic field. This weapon will penetrate multiple enemies, making it powerful and very useful in certain situations.

Guardian Head

This head is collected from a particular enemy you kill. Sometimes he will lose his head and you can grab it and use its special attacks. The way you manipulate his attacks is by inserting fingers into different holes in the back of his fractured skull. Each finger will yield a different attack. One attack is a stream of burning fireballs, that will catch enemies on fire. The second mode will release a huge circle of fireballs incinerating anything in its path. These magical fireballs can even go through walls, making it ideal for rooting out that camper in a room in multiplay. The third mode will emit a wall of flaming napalm that will destroy anything in its path.

Ripper Heart

This is another weapon you can get from a fallen enemy. The ape-like 'Rippers' in the game will rip your heart out when they kill you, so it is only fitting that you can turn that power against them. You squeeze the bloody, dripping heart which creates an autonomous, slightly distorted version of yourself. This "shadow warrior" will then engage and destroy nearby enemies with a rail gun.


Brown Evil Ninja

Has 40 Hit Points and throws Shurikens and shoots a single uzi at you. Always dies in one hit of the sword, or 1-3 punches.

Red Evil Ninja

Has 160 Hit Points and shoots Missiles and shoots a single uzi at you. Can be killed with 2-3 sword slashes usually.

Orange Evil Ninja

Has 160 Hit Points and shoots heat-seeking Missiles and shoots a single uzi at you. Can be killed with 2-3 sword slashes usually.

Grey Evil Ninja

Has 160 Hit Points and shoots high-explosive Grenades and shoots a single uzi at you. Can be killed with 2-3 sword slashes usually.

Green (Shadow) Evil Ninja

Has 160 Hit Points and shoots two types of dangerous napalm and shoots a single uzi at you. Can be killed with 2-3 sword slashes usually.

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