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Template:Infobox television The Sopranos is a television drama produced by HBO. It first aired in 1999 and is expected to be concluded at the end of the upcoming sixth season in 2006, although several of the cast members have hinted that further seasons may occur. Over the past six years, the show has become a cultural phenomenon, gaining popularity and unparalleled critical acclaim for its groundbreaking approach to family and the mob, as well as for pushing the envelope of violence and strong language on television. The series stars James Gandolfini and Edie Falco and highlights the difficulties faced by Tony Soprano, a Mafia boss in suburban Essex County, New Jersey, as he tries to balance the often conflicting requirements of his wife and family, and his crime "family".



The series begins with Tony collapsing after suffering an anxiety attack, which prompts him to begin therapy with Dr. Jennifer Melfi. Gradually, it is revealed that Tony's mother is manipulative and possibly psychotic; someone in his organization is talking to the FBI; his children have troubled futures; and his own superiors are plotting his death.


The Sopranos portrays the Mafia culture as an exaggerated version of the American nuclear family, in order to explore issues of class, sexuality, criminality, gender, family dynamics and generational conflict. It has been criticized by some for its supposed reinforcement of negative Italian American stereotypes by focussing on organized crime. This same issue, however, has been addressed on the show several times, notably in the first season episode "The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti".

The series premiered on HBO on January 10, 1999. The Sopranos has also been broadcast uncut in Canada by CTV, in the UK by Channel 4, in Ireland by RTE and in Australia by the Nine Network. As of 2005, five seasons of 13 episodes each have been completed, and a sixth and final 13-episode season is in production.

Title sequence

One of the most popular parts of The Sopranos is the program's opening, in which the theme song "Woke Up This Morning", performed by A3, is heard. The show's main character Tony Soprano is seen emerging from the Port Authority's Lincoln Tunnel, and as Tony turns towards the New Jersey Turnpike, an image of the World Trade Center towers can be seen in his rear view mirror. Just prior to the start of the fourth season, HBO and Sopranos producer David Chase removed this scene altogether in response to the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, in which the towers were destroyed.

The opening sequence was sufficiently recognizable to be parodied on an episode of The Simpsons in 2004, with Fat Tony standing in for Tony Soprano. It was also parodied in the Adult Swim show Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, in 2003, in an episode where Fred Flintstone is a mob boss.


The following is a partial listing of characters from the series:

# Regular Cast Role Actor Seasons
1 Tony Soprano New Jersey mafia boss, husband of Carmela, father to Meadow and Anthony Jr. James Gandolfini 1999-present
2 Dr. Jennifer Melfi Tony's psychiatrist Lorraine Bracco 1999-present
3 Carmela DeAngelis Soprano Tony's wife, mother of Meadow and Anthony Jr., daughter-in-law of Livia Edie Falco 1999-present
4 Christopher Moltisanti Tony's nephew, a worker in the "family business" Michael Imperioli 1999-present
5 Corrado Soprano, Junior (Uncle Junior) The official boss of the family, although currently under house arrest Dominic Chianese 1999-present
6 Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero Another Soprano mobster, later revealed to be working with the FBI Vincent Pastore 1999-2000
7 Silvio Dante Consigliere to the Soprano family Steven Van Zandt 1999-present
8 Paulie "Walnuts" Gaultieri Capo to the Soprano family Tony Sirico 1999-present
9 Anthony Soprano, Jr. Tony and Carmela's youngest child Robert Iler 1999-present
10 Meadow Soprano Tony and Carmela's university-bound daughter Jamie-Lynn DiScala 1999-present
11 Livia Soprano Tony's ailing mother, going senile, close friend to Uncle Junior Nancy Marchand 1999-2001
12 Artie Bucco Local chef and friend to Tony John Ventimiglia 1999-present
13 Charmaine Bucco Artie's cautious wife, who is wary of her husband's friendship with Tony Katherine Narducci 1999-present
14 Adriana La Cerva Christopher's girlfriend Drea de Matteo 1999-2004
15 Richie Aprile Extremely violent and easily provoked, he was recently released from prison after a ten year sentence David Proval 2000
16 Janice Soprano Tony's older sister Aida Turturro 2000-present
17 Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni Underboss of the New York mafia, until Carmine Lupertazzi dies Vince Curatola 1999-present
18 Bobby "Bacala" Baccilieri Uncle Junior's assistant Steve R. Schirripa 2000-present
19 Furio Giunta Mobster from Italy, recently recruited to Tony's crew Federico Castelluccio 2000-2002
20 Ralph Cifaretto Violence-prone mobster, sarcastic, belligerent and misogynistic Joe Pantoliano 2001-2002
21 Tony Blundetto Recently released from jail after taking a hit for Tony Steve Buscemi 2004
# Recurring Caracters Role Actor Seasons
1 Barbara Soprano Giglione Tony's younger sister Nicole Burdette, Danielle Di Vecchio 2000-present
2 Tom Giglione Barbara's husband Ed Vassallo 2000-present
3 Giovanni "Johnny Boy" Soprano Tony's deceased father Joseph Siravo 1999-present
4 Pasquale "Patsy" Parisi A Soprano mobster, whose twin brother was killed on an order from Tony Dan Grimaldi 2000-present
5 Herman "Hesh" Rabkin Jewish friend to the Sopranos, likes horses Jerry Adler 1999-present
6 Carmine Lupertazzi Capo Di Tutti Capi of New York, old school wise guy of Junior's generation Tony Lip 2001-2004
7 Michele "Feech" La Manna A former capo who was recently released from jail, and is looking to "get back in the game". Robert Loggia 2004
8 Dr. Elliot Kupferberg Jennifer Melfi's therapist Peter Bogdonavich 2000-present
9 Phil Leotardo A longtime captain in the Lupertazzi family Frank Vincent 2004-present
10 Father Phil Intintola Local Catholic priest, fond of Carmela Paul Schulze 1999-present
11 Doctor Bruce Cusamano Physician, Tony's next-door neighbour Robert Lupone 1999-present
12 Jeannie Cusamano Dr Cusamano's wife Saundra Santiago 1999-present
13 Gloria Trillo Top sales rep at Globe Mercedes, Tony's goomara Annabella Sciorra 2001-2002
14 Skip Lipari FBI agent handling Big Pussy Louis Lombardi 2000-2001
15 David Scatino Gambling addict, and owner of a sporting goods store Robert Patrick 2000
16 Quintina Pollio Blundetto Livia's younger sister; mother of Tony B. Barbara Andres, Rae Allen 2000-present


Season 1: (1999)

# Episode Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
1 The Sopranos (Pilot) David Chase David Chase January 10, 1999
2 46 Long David Chase Dan Attias January 17, 1999
3 Denial, Anger, Acceptance Mark Saraceni Nick Gomez January 24, 1999
4 Meadowlands Jason Cahill John Patterson January 31, 1999
5 College James Manos, Jr., David Chase Allen Coulter February 7, 1999
6 Pax Soprana Frank Renzulli Alan Taylor February 14, 1999
7 Down Neck Mitchell Burgess, Robin Green Lorraine Senna Ferrara February 21, 1999
8 The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti Frank Renzulli, David Chase Tim Van Patten February 28, 1999
9 Boca Jason Cahill, Mitchell Burgess, Robin Green Andy Wolk March 7, 1999
10 A Hit Is A Hit Joe Bosso, Frank Renzulli Matthew Penn March 14, 1999
11 Nobody Knows Anything Frank Renzulli Henry J. Bronchtein March 21, 1999
12 Isabella Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Allen Coulter March 28, 1999
13 I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano David Chase John Patterson April 4, 1999

Season 2: (2000)

# Episode Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
1 Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office... Jason Cahill Allen Coulter January 16, 2000
2 Do Not Resuscitate Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, Frank Renzulli Martin Bruestle January 23, 2000
3 Toodle-Fucking-oo Frank Renzulli Lee Tamahori January 30, 2000
4 Commendatori David Chase Tim Van Patten February 6, 2000
5 Big Girls Don't Cry Terrence Winter Tim Van Patten February 13, 2000
6 The Happy Wanderer Frank Renzulli John Patterson February 20, 2000
7 D-Girl Todd A. Kessler Allen Coulter February 27, 2000
8 Full Leather Jacket Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Allen Coulter March 5, 2000
9 From Where to Eternity Michael Imperioli Henry J. Bronchtein March 12, 2000
10 Bust Out Frank Renzulli, Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess John Patterson March 19, 2000
11 House Arrest Terence Winter Tim Van Patten March 26, 2000
12 The Knight in White Satin Armor Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Allen Coulter April 2, 2000
13 Funhouse David Chase, Todd A. Kessler John Patterson April 9, 2000

Season 3: (2001)

# Episode Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
1 Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood David Chase Allen Coulter March 4, 2001
2 Proshai, Livushka David Chase Tim Van Patten March 4, 2001
3 Fortunate Son Todd A. Kessler Henry J. Bronchtein March 11, 2001
4 Employee of the Month Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess John Patterson March 18, 2001
5 Another Toothpick Terence Winter Jack Bender March 25, 2001
6 University Terence Winter, Salvatore Stabile Allen Coulter April 1, 2001
7 Second Opinion Lawrence Konner Tim Van Patten April 8, 2001
8 He Is Risen Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, Todd A. Kessler Allen Coulter April 15, 2001
9 The Telltale Moozadell Michael Imperioli Dan Attias April 22, 2001
10 ...To Save Us All From Satan's Power Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Jack Bender April 29, 2001
11 Pine Barrens Terence Winter Steve Buscemi May 6, 2001
12 Amour Fou Frank Renzulli Tim Van Patten May 13, 2001
13 The Army of One David Chase, Lawrence Konner John Patterson May 20, 2001

Season 4: (2002)

# Episode Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
1 For All Debts Public and Private David Chase Allen Coulter September 15, 2002
2 No Show Terence Winter, David Chase John Patterson September 22, 2002
3 Christopher Michael Imperioli, Maria Laurino Tim Van Patten September 29, 2002
4 The Weight Terence Winter Jack Bender October 6, 2002
5 Pie-O-My Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Henry J. Bronchtein October 13, 2002
6 Everybody Hurts Michael Imperioli Steve Buscemi October 20, 2002
7 Watching Too Much Television Terence Winter, Nick Santora John Patterson October 27, 2002
8 Mergers & Acquisitions Lawrence Konner Dan Attias November 3, 2002
9 Whoever Did This Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Tim Van Patten November 10, 2002
10 The Strong, Silent Type Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, Terence Winter Alan Taylor November 17, 2002
11 Calling All Cars David Chase, Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, David Flebotte Tim Van Patten November 24, 2002
12 Eloise Terence Winter James Hayman December 1, 2002
13 Whitecaps Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, David Chase John Patterson December 8, 2002

Season 5: (2004)

# Episode Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
1 Two Tonys David Chase, Terence Winter Tim Van Patten March 7, 2004
2 Rat Pack Matthew Weiner Alan Taylor March 14, 2004
3 Where's Johnny Michael Caleo John Patterson March 21, 2004
4 All Happy Families... Toni Kalem Rodrigo Garcia March 28, 2004
5 Irregular Around the Margins Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Allen Coulter April 4, 2004
6 Sentimental Education Matthew Weiner Peter Bogdonavich April 11, 2004
7 In Camelot Terence Winter Steve Buscemi April 18, 2004
8 Marco Polo Michael Imperioli John Patterson April 25, 2004
9 Unidentified Black Males Matthew Weiner, Terence Winter Tim Van Patten May 2, 2004
10 Cold Cuts Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess Mike Figgis May 9, 2004
11 The Test Dream David Chase, Matthew Weiner Allen Coulter May 16, 2004
12 Long Term Parking Terence Winter Tim Van Patten May 23, 2004
13 All Due Respect David Chase, Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess John Patterson June 6, 2004

Season 6: (2006)

# Episode Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
1 Members Only Terence Winter Tim Van Patten March 2006
2 Join the Club To Be Announced To Be Announced March 2006

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