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The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa is a Disney children's animated series that premiered from 1995 to 1998. After 1998, a new director took over, causing a drop in popularity. The last episode was in 1999, but was never aired on the major networks.

It stars Timon, a meerkat, and Pumbaa, a warthog, both characters from the Disney animated films The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. On February 10, 2004, they starred in their own feature film, The Lion King 1 which takes place behind the events of The Lion King. Ernie Sabella and Kevin Schon provide the voices of Pumbaa and Timon, although Timon was voiced by Nathan Lane in The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and The Lion King 1.

There are possibly 80 22-minute episodes in all, most consisting of two or three shorter segments.


Supporting characters

There are also many supporting characters in the series:

  • The Vulture Police are the policemen of the jungle; they appeared in The Law Of The Jungle and Yosemite Remmedy and I Don't Bolivia and

Shopping Mauled and Alcatraz-mataz.

  • Quint is a human that stars in many styles of names like Claim Jumper Quint and Criminal Quint. He is always the "fastest, strongest, and bravest" something-or-other.
  • Fred is an old friend of Timon's; he appeared in Tanzania Zany and Mind Over Matterhorn and Mombasa-In-Law and Once Upon A Timon.
  • Shenzi, Banzai, And Ed are the hyenas from The Lion King starring in their separate skits called "The Laughing Hyenas".
  • Boss Beaver uses the opposite of "Hakuna Matata" meaning no worries, he uses "Makuta Hamaka" meaning work real hard. He appears in Amusement Bark and Oregon Astray and Maine-Iacs.
  • Speedy The Snail is the only snail that Timon and Pumbaa will never eat; he appears in French Fried and Ocean Commotion and The Man From J.U.N.G.L.E.
  • Rafiki is the mandrill from The Lion King, he stars in his order of separate skits called Rafiki Fables, He also starred in a the new director episodes Timoncchio and

Kahuna Potato and Truth Be Told and Special Deffects.

  • The Cheetahs are the smartest animals in this entire series! They starred in The Laughing Hyenas: Cooked Goose and Gabon with the wind and Boary Gloary Days.
  • Bear who trys to hurt Timon and Pumbaa sometimes. He appears in Jailhouse Shock, Ready, Aim, Fire, Stay Away From My Honey, Dapper Duck Burgers, Don't Wake The Neighbear, It Runs Good, Slalom Problem, Kahuna Potato, and Ice Escapades.
  • Irwin The Penguin Is the most trouble making penguin anywhere in the world! "What A Mook!" Pumbaa Would Say. He Starred In Frantic Atlantic and Shopping Mauled.
  • The Mad Scientist is the most experimental scientist in this entire universe! He starred in Monster Massachusetts.
  • Princess Tatiana is the princess of Timon's old meerkat colony who stole his heart and almost married him! The only episode she starred in is Once Upon A Timon, a 30 minute episode.
  • Simba makes a few appearances when he tried to eat Timon and Pumbaa. He appears in Congo On Like This and Shake Your Djibouti and Rome Alone.

Other Characters

  • The Beetle in Saskatchewan Catch
  • Montee And Bamboo in Kenya Be My Friend?
  • Gopher in Zazu's Off-By-One Day and Zazu's Off Day Off.
  • The Mouse in Good Mousekeeping
  • Jumbo Jumbo The Elephant in Good Mousekeeping and Zazu's Off Day Off and Doubt Of Africa.
  • Ned The Elephant in Uganda Be An Elephant and Unlucky In Lesotho
  • Pumbaa Junior (The Alligator) in Never Everglades
  • The Baby Eagle And His/Her's Mother in To Kilimanjaro Bird (A spinoff of "To Kill a Mockingbird")
  • Simon The Circus Monkey in The Laughing Hyenas: Big Top Breakfast
  • El Toro The Bullfighting Bull in The Pain In Spain and The Running Of The Bullies
  • The Mummy Beetle in Guatemala Malarkey
  • Bruce The Land Crab in Back Out In The Outback
  • The Meerkat Angel in Timon's Time Togo
  • The Unable To Cross A River Ostrich also in Timon's Time Togo
  • The Tied Up Zebra again in Timon's Time Togo
  • Lester the Whale in Be More Pacific
  • The Undefeatable chicken also in Be More Pacific
  • The wonderful Rhino of Laws in The Law Of The Jungle
  • Woody Woodeater The 3rd, a termite in Going Uruguay
  • Criminal/Liar Toucan Dan in I Don't Bolivia and Alcatraz-mataz
  • Thief the Raccoon in Yosemite Remedy
  • The Woodpecker (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) in Mozam-Beaked
  • The Sexy Jewel Collector in Ocean Commotion and Catch Me If You Kenya
  • The serving Snake and the manager Snake in Brazil Nuts
  • Little Jimmy the Jailbird in Jailhouse Shock and Nest Best Thing
  • The Baby Panther in Unlucky in Lesotho
  • Nefu in Rafiki's Apprentice
  • The Wolverine in I Think I Canada
  • The Cockroach Hotel Manager in Roach Hotel

Episode Guide

As is common in cartoons, almost every episode title is a parody of a famous movie, song, or TV show. Geographic place names form the basis of the puns, for example To Kilimanjaro Bird is a combination of the film To Kill a Mockingbird and the name of the mountain Kilimanjaro.

Season 1

  • Episode #1 Boara Boara And Saskatchewan Catch
  • Episode #2 Kenya Be My Friend? And Rafiki Fables: Good Mousekeeping
  • Episode #3 Never Everglades And The Laughing Hyenas: Cooked Goose
  • Episode #4 How To Beat The High Costa Rica And Swiss Missed
  • Episode #5 Uganda Be An Elephant And To Kilimanjaro Bird
  • Episode #6 French Fried And The Laughing Hyenas: Big Top Breakfast
  • Episode #7 The Pain In Spain And Frantic Atlantic
  • Episode #8 Tanzania Zany And Guatemala Malarkey
  • Episode #9 Back Out In The Outback And Gabon With The Wind
  • Episode #10 Timon's Time Togo And The Law Of The Jungle
  • Episode #11 Be More Pacific And Going Uruguay
  • Episode #12 Yosemite Remedy And Rafiki Fables: The Sky Is Calling
  • Episode #13 Mozam-Beaked And Ocean Commotion

Season 1 Saturday Episodes

  • Episode #14 Brazil Nuts, South Seas Sick And The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  • Episode #15 Yukon Con And Doubt of Africa
  • Episode #16 Russia Hour And You Ghana Join the Club
  • Episode #17 Rocky Mountain Lie And Amazon Quiver
  • Episode #18 Madagascar About You, Truth or Zaire And Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
  • Episode #19 Mojave Desserted And Rafiki Fables: Beauty and the Wildebeest
  • Episode #20 Don't Break the China, The Laughing Hyenas: Can't Take a Yolk And Stand By Me (song)
  • Episode #21 Unlucky In Lesotho And Rafiki Fables: Rafiki's Apprentice
  • Episode #22 Mombasa-In-Law And The Laughing Hyenas: TV Dinner
  • Episode #23 Manhattan Mishap And Paraguay Parable
  • Episode #24 Let's Serengeti out of Here And Congo On Like This
  • Episode #25 Okay Bayou? And Shake Your Djibouti

Season 2

  • Episode #26 Palm Beached And Jamaica Mistake?
  • Episode #27 Oregon Astray And New Guinea Pig
  • Episode #28 Klondike Con And Isle Find Out
  • Episode #29 Wide Awake In Wonderland And Zazu's Off-By-One Day
  • Episode #30 Africa-Dabra And I Don't Bolivia
  • Episode #31 Catch Me If You Kenya And Scent Of The South
  • Episode #32 Forbidden Pumbaa And Washington Applesauce
  • Episode #33 I Think I Canada And Zazu's Off Day-Off
  • Episode #34 Timon On The Range And The Man From J.U.N.G.L.E.
  • Episode #35 Maine-Iacs And Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum
  • Episode #36 Once Upon A Timon (This is a 30 Minute Episode)
  • Episode #37 Home Is Where The Hog Is (another 30 Minute Episode)
  • Episode 36 and 37 explain Timon and Pumbaa's origins, and how they came to be wandering loners. The Lion King 1 was based on these episodes
  • Episode #38 Bumble In The Jungle + Beethoven's Whiff And Mind Over Matterhorn

Season 2 Saturday Episodes

  • Episode #39 Isle of Manhood And Puttin' on the Brits
  • Episode #40 Beetle Romania And Rumble in the Jungle
  • Episode #41 Animal Barn And Roach Hotel
  • Episode #42 Shopping Mauled And Library Brouhaha
  • Episode #43 Monster Massachusetts And Handle With Caribbean
  • Episode #44 Alcatraz-Mataz (incomplete) And Oahu Wahoo!
  • Episode #45 Beast of Eden And Sense and Senegambia
  • Episode #46 Rome Alone And Amusement Bark

New Director Episodes

Episode 47 onwards, the show was produced by a feeder animation company, instead of Walt Disney Television Animation. The title card artwork is gone, the show only opens with a plain title card.

Season 1

  • Episode #47 Super Hog-o And Don't Have the Vegas Idea
  • Episode #48 Ivy Beleaguered And Broadway Bound and Gagged
  • Episode #49 No Good Samaritan And Living in De Nile
  • Episode #50 Miss Perfect And Hakuna Matata U.
  • Episode #51 Pirates Of Pumbzance And One Tough Bug
  • Episode #52 Why No Rhino And Pig-malion
  • Episode #53 War Hogs And The Big No Sleep
  • Episode #54 Mister Twister And Common Scents
Season 1 Saturday Episodes
  • Episode #55 Lemonade Stand Off And Big Jungle Game
  • Episode #56 Bug Salesman And Hot Air Buffoons
  • Episode #57 So Sumo Me And Now Museum, Now You Don't
  • Episode #58 Ice Escapades And Wishy Washy
  • Episode #59 Steel Hog And Dealer's Choice Cut
  • Episode #60 Timon in Love And Kahuna Potato
  • Episode #61 Recipe for Disaster And Going Over-Boar'd
  • Episode #62 Luck Be A Meerkat And Just When You'd Thought You'd Cuisine It All
  • Episode #63 Boo Hoo Bouquet And Timon Alone
  • Episode #64 Visiting Pig-nitaries And The Truth About Kats And Hogs
  • Episode #65 Guru Some And Jailhouse Shock
  • Episode #66 Nearly Departed And Early Bird Watchers
  • Episode #67 The Spy's the Limit And Ready, Aim, Fire
  • Episode #68 Timoncchio And Ghost Boosters
  • Episode #69 Stay Away From My Honey And Sitting Pretty Awful
  • Episode #70 Mook Island and Cliphangers
  • Episode #71 The Running Of The Bullies and Special Deffects
  • Episode #72 He's A Bad, Bad Sport and Dapper Duck Burgers
  • Episode #73 Space Ham and You Bet Your Tuhkus
  • Episode #74 It Runs Good and Hot Air Buffoons
  • Episode #75 Whiff and To Be Bee Or Not To Be Bee
  • Episode #76 Don't Be Elfish and Lights, Camera, Traction
  • Episode #77 Jungle Slickers and Don't Wake The Neighbear

Season 2 (The Unrevealed Season)

  • Episode #78 Escape From Newark And Truth Be Told
  • Episode #79 Throw Your Hog in the Ring And Slalom Problem
  • Episode #80 Circus Jerks And Nest Best Thing
  • Episode #81 Hot Enough For Ya? And Werhog of London
  • Episode #82 Bigfoot Littlebrain And Astro-Nots
  • Episode #83 Robin Hood Winked And Serengeti Western (We are not sure of the completelessness of this title)
  • Episode #84 All Pets Are Off And Boary Glory Days
  • Episode #85 Two for the Zoo And The Swine in the Stone
  • Episode #86 You May Have Already Won Six Million Barka And My Meteor, My Friend




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