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Trinity is the central female fictional character in The Matrix universe, played by actress Carrie-Anne Moss in the films The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

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Trinity was the first officer on the Nebuchadnezzar, a Zion hovercraft commanded by Morpheus. Her "birth" name as a human living inside the Matrix is unknown. Apparently while inside, Trinity had made herself as a local legend in the illusory hacking community of humans living in the Matrix for hacking into the Internal Revenue Service database. Based on Neo's recollection on first meeting Trinity, as well as information from "A Detective Story", an animated short film from The Animatrix, most people mistake Trinity's reputation as being a male.

Like other hovercraft crews, Trinity's job involved the freeing of minds that she and Morpheus determined were ready to accept the truth about the Matrix.

Finding Neo

Under the guidance of Morpheus, Trinity and the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar observe and later free from the Matrix a man who calls himself by his hacker name of Neo. It is apparent that Trinity begins to develop feelings for Thomas Anderson (his name as he is known by most inside the Matrix) at the very start of the first movie, "The Matrix", as she relieves Cypher from his observation shift earlier than planned just to watch Neo.

In an earlier visit, before the events of the first movie, Trinity was told by The Oracle that she would fall in love with a dead man that would be also be The One, a person with fantastic powers while inhabiting the Matrix. Like other humans who received predictions from the Oracle, Trinity keeps her foretellings to herself.

Shortly after taking Neo to visit the Oracle for the first time, Trinity and Neo are nearly killed by Cypher, who betrays the crew and kills Apoc, Switch, and Dozer before being killed himself by Tank, the ship's Operator, or online support guide for crew members jacked into the Matrix. Neo and Trinity reenter the Matrix and successfully rescue Morpheus from Agents, sentient programs that destroy anyone who learns of the Matrix and its reality. After the rescue, Neo is apparently gunned down by Agent Smith, but after Trinity tells Neo's lifeless body of the Oracle's prediction, she kisses him. This kiss apparently revives Neo's mind, and he arises inside the Matrix as The One, with his powers enabled.

In Love and War

Approximately six months pass until we see Trinity, now dressed in a longer plastic leather trenchcoat that looks remarkably similar to Neo's cassock-like trenchcoat. She joins hims inside the Matrix whenever possible. Trinity and Neo have become lovers and steal moments for themselves whenever they can.

After Neo meets with the Oracle and obtains information on The Keymaker, Trinity, Neo, and Morpheus successfully free the Keymaker from the imprisonment by The Merovingian, a power-hungry sentient program. Neo is forced to kiss Persephone, the wife of The Merovingian, in order to free the Keymaker. Persephone is a sort of emotional vampire and wants to sample the love between Neo and Trinity through the kiss. This act made Trinity almost insanely jealous.

Throughout The Matrix Reloaded, Neo finds himself with troubling visions (while still in the real world--Neo's powers aren't exclusive to within the Matrix as shown later in "Reloaded") of Trinity falling to her death after being chased out the window of a tall building by Agents. He asks her not to enter the Matrix as he, Morpheus and the Keymaker make their way to the door that leads to the Source, the mainframe computer that controls the Matrix. After one of the three hovercraft crews are killed as they attempted to remove one of two obstacles that would keep Neo from entering the Source, Trinity rushes in to complete the destroyed crew's task, successfully disabling a backup power grid to a building where the Source door resided that Neo must enter. Just as Neo envisioned, Trinity is attacked by Agents and forced to flee by falling out of a tall building and to certain death.

Neo discovers that he is the sixth One to appear. His predecessors chose to allow Zion to be destroyed in order to rebuild it again after entering the door to the Source, which would also inject the programming of the One into the Matrix, allowing it to reload, or reboot, so as to keep the virtual world running normally. Neo is given the choice by The Architect to enter the door to the Source, or attempt to save Trinity and leave Zion and the Matrix to be destroyed eventually, killing all of the human race. But Neo experiences love for humanity more distinctly through his love for Trinity, and leaves to successfully save her from the fall. Trinity's life fades away from a gunshot wound in the Matrix, but Neo's incredible powers as The One can perform miracles while in the Matrix. He revives Trinity just as she revived him in the original movie.

Such a Thing is Not Meant to Last

After Neo stops four Sentinels in the real world just by thinking it, Trinity cares for the unconscious Neo at the start of the final movie, The Matrix Revolutions. She and Morpheus later discover that Neo's mind is being held prisoner by the Merovingian. After unsuccessfully pursuing the Trainman to gain Neo's release, Trinity, Morpheus, and Seraph, the Oracle's guardian, decide to enter Club Hel, a nightclub owned by the Trainman's boss, The Merovingian. Trinity and the group dispatch the bodyguards in front of the club but are outgunned and are captured by the Merovingian's minions as they enter the club. Frustrated with the Merovingian's monologing on terms to obtain Neo, Trinity says, "I don't have time for this sh*t," begins a fight and places The Merovingian in a Mexican standoff to successfully obtain Neo's release from the Train Station.

Shortly after returning Neo's mind to his body, Trinity accompanies Neo to the Machine City in an attempt to stop the war. Neo is blinded by Bane, whose body is controlled by an Agent Smith clone. After dispatching Bane, Trinity pilots the Logos past the Machine City's defenses by catapulting the ship over the defenses and briefly into the clear Earth sky above the dark clouds. The Logos stalls as it falls. Trinity reactivates the hovercraft pads, but too late. Her body is impaled by debris as the Logos crashes into a central spire in the Machine City. Trinity has a last moment with Neo before he kisses her and her life fades away for the last time.

Trinity's loss allows Neo's grief to fight Smith. Having everything to gain for all of humanity and Machines and nothing left to lose for himself now that Trinity had died, Neo sacrifices himself to Smith by becoming a Smith clone. Since Neo was jacked directly into the Machine City, the presence of the now-purposeless Smith/Neo clone allows the Machines to locate and destroy all Smith clones, which also kills Neo.

The fate of Trinity's remains has never been verified to date, although Morpheus later uses simulations of Neo and Trinity in a training program for The Kid as shown in the graphic novel story "I Kant" in "The Matrix Comics", Volume 2 (Burlyman Entertainment). Players in the online game The Matrix Online hear of scattered and unreliable rumors that the bodies of Trinity and Neo were ordered not to be recycled.Template:Matrix


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