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Name   Timwi
Birthday   21 Oct 1980
Wikipedian since 10 Jun 2003
Contributions (ca.) 22,800
Wikipediholic score 117
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Hi. I am Timwi. Find out more about me on this page.

POV: I don't tend to have political POVs. I am largely uninvolved with political matters; I don't vote, and I don't tend to think good or bad about any particular political party, politician, country, etc. This may or may not be the reason why I don't tend to get involved in edit wars.

Copyright: All textual contributions of mine are multi-licensed. I accept both the GFDL and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 1.0 ( and 2.0 ( All images I upload, provided they are not screenshots or other fair-use material, are public domain. Where this is not possible, I licence them to anyone without restriction under a licence that reads, "Permission is granted to use the licenced work for any purpose without restriction, including declaring it 'public domain'.".

Interests: In real life, my main interests are computing, programming, music (piano and guitar) and languages. On Wikipedia, however, the spectrum of articles that I have ever edited is wide; this is largely due to the fact that most of my contributions are spelling corrections and minor things like that. The few major contributions of mine are listed in the following section.

Pages I've worked on (a little)

Mostly, I make only slight corrections (spelling, grammar) and insert a few extra points of information here and there, or engage in purely organisational or maintenance tasks. The only pages to which I have majorly contributed so far are (in chronological order of my contribution):

Files I have uploaded

Other stuff I've done

  • On February 14, 2004, I started the Navigational Elements Craze (using what was the MediaWiki namespace then and is the Template namespace now) [1] ( before the Categories system came into being. Now I'm advocating the idea of replacing the navigational elements with categories, but apparently some people want to keep my original idea...
  • On March 15, 2004, I have fixed about three to four thousand double-redirects. I wish people were more conscious of the fact that moving a page creates double-redirects that they should go and fix. Even better yet, the software should do it automatically, but with the current database schema, this is infeasible. For some time thereafter, I've been downloading the database dump almost every week and fixed all double-redirects I found in it. I think about half of my contributions were double-redirect fixes at the time.
  • On April 21/22, 2004, I added the German-language sound files to common phrases in different languages as well as German alphabet. I also persuaded a Russian speaker to add the Russian recordings to the former.
  • On June 3, 2004, I added a recording of the German numbers to numbers in various languages.

Modifications I've made to the software

I've also contributed by making modifications to MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia:

  • On 11 July, 2003, I made a major modification to the way apostrophes are converted into bold and italics. Previously it was done using just two simple regular expressions. As a result, two pentuple-apostrophes (''''') in a line would cause invalid HTML to be generated (<strong><em>Text</strong></em>). I corrected this by replacing the regular expressions with a tail-recursive function (somewhat akin to a finite state machine). Later, the software was developed further and used a tokenizer, but this turned out to be inefficient, and so my function was reinstated.
  • On 8 February, 2004, I made it so that self-links (links that point to the page they're on) are removed and the link text instead displayed in bold. The motivation were those navigational elements mentioned in the previous section, so they clearly show what page you're currently on. It seems that this feature was pretty well-received in the Wikipedia community.
  • Typing three tildes inserts your username, four tildes inserts your username and the current time in UTC, and due to me since 21 March, 2004, five tildes insert just the current time. It seems, however, that not enough people need this feature for it to become known.
  • On 6 August, 2004, I completely remade the apostrophe handling mentioned above. The problem was that in some languages (especially French), you often get things like l'''homme'', which you probably want to produce "l'homme" instead of interpreting the triple-apostrophe as "open bold". It is no longer a tail-recursive function, but simply a for loop.
  • I have not updated this list recently. Since I finished my Diploma Dissertation, I had had time to fix many more bugs and create many more features. My most notable contribution that is currently in CVS (but not on the live site yet) is the Recent Changes Patrol, and I am currently working on a lex/yacc parser to replace the current PHP not-really-a-parser. I have also rewritten Special:Allpages at some point because its database queries were just too inefficient.


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