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Code Lyoko is a French cartoon series (featuring both anime-style and Computer-generated imagery) produced by Antefilms about a group of four boarding school students named Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi, who are trying to help a benevolent digital being named Aelita leave the virtual world of Lyoko and enter the real world.

Unfortunately there is also another malevolent virtual being named XANA who controls most of Lyoko who is also trying to enter the real world and wreak havoc. Fortunately, if the group is able to get Aelita to the tower XANA is using, she can deactivate the tower and the supercomputer can revert time to just before XANA started interfering, leaving no one except the group to remember any of the events that transpired. To complicate the situation, however, they must do this while ensuring their classmates and teachers are not killed and deal with the various personality clashes they have with them at the same time.

In order to stop XANA, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi are able to enter the virtual world to help Aelita get past XANA's guard monsters and deactivate the tower. Jeremy operates the computer to keep track of the situation in Lyoko and to monitor their health points. Since Aelita lives inside the virtual world, if she were to lose all of her health points, she would be lost, but if one of the virtualized players loses theirs, they merely devirtualize.

Eventually they manage to materialize Aelita, but XANA manages to infect her with a virus that prevents her from being able to survive if Lyoko is turned off. Therefore, in order to prevent XANA from materializing monsters into reality, she remains on Lyoko until a cure is found.



Main characters

Lives inside of the supercomputer. She is close to Jeremy finding his intelligence and knowledge attractive. They often spend time talking about the real world which she knows little about and finds fascinating. She was once materialized, but returned to Lyoko due to a virus that had affected her so to keep her linked to XANA(if XANA is destroyed, so will be Aelita).
Jeremy Belpois (original French name Jérémie Belpois)
The brains of the group. He is the only one that can operate the supercomputer. He is attracted to Aelita despite her virtual nature, finding her innocence charming.
Odd Della Robbia
Odd is, well, odd. He has a single shock of hair sticking out of his head and wears purple. He is often hyperactive and never takes anything seriously. He wants to be a musician of some sort when he grows up. He dislikes Herb and Nicholas and teases them constantly. He has a dog named Kiwi.
Ulrich Stern
Though only an average student, he is very athletic and is very skilled at soccer. He is quite popular at his school. He has strong feelings toward Yumi.
Yumi Ishiyama
Coming from Japan, she is the only one of the group that does not board at the school. Yumi dresses in an all black, goth-y style. She is very mature for her age, but has a lot of more insecurities than she lets on. She obviously reciprocates Ulrich's feelings and can become very jealous of anyone else he seems interested in.
XANA is a virtual being in Lyoko and wants to take over the world with a strategy:destruction.

Secondary characters

Sissy (full name Elisabeth Delmas)
The daughter of the school's principal, she considers herself the most attractive girl in school. Undoubtably snobbish, she has at times shown a more emphatic side, though not often. She is attracted to Ulrich and is jealous of Yumi. Ulrich doesn't feel the same way, though.
Nicholas Poliakoff and Herb Pichon (original French names Nicolas & Hervé)
Sissy's cronies/admirers. They pretty much do whatever she says. Both of them dislike Ulrich seeing him as a rival for Sissy when he much rather have her leave him alone. They dislike Yumi, since Sissy dislikes Yumi, and also dislike Odd. Herb also has a personal vendetta against Jeremie, due to the fact that Jeremie is his rival academically.
Jim Moralés
The school phys-ed teacher and handy man. Rough around the edges and quite strict, he does actually like his charges.

The school nurse.

Mrs. Suzanne Hertz

The science teacher.

Tamiya Diop and Milly Solovieff

The school's newscasters. Milly has a big crush on Ulrich. Tamiya might also. They are in the youngest grade.

Sissy's father / the headmaster / Jean-Pierre Delmas

Every school has a Principal. Sissy's father is just that.


Season 1

  • 1. Teddygodzilla
  • 2. Seeing Is Believing
  • 3. Holiday in the Fog
  • 4. Log Book
  • 5. Big Bug
  • 6. Cruel Dilemma
  • 7. Image Problem
  • 8. End of Take
  • 9. Satellite
  • 10. The Girl of the Dreams
  • 11. Plagued
  • 12. Swarming Attack
  • 13. Just in Time
  • 14. The Trap
  • 15. Laughing Fit
  • 16. Claustrophobia
  • 17. Amnesia
  • 18. Killer Music
  • 19. Frontier
  • 20. The Robots
  • 21. Zero Gravity Zone
  • 22. Routine
  • 23. Rock Bottom?
  • 24. Ghost Channel
  • 25. Code: Earth
  • 26. False Start

Season 2

The season 2 will come in September, although Season 1 will show starting in June.

External Links

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  4. Virtual - the Code: Lyoko fanlisting (

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