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Commander Dolim, previously known as Guruk, is a fictional character from the Star Trek: Enterprise series. He is played by Scott MacDonald.

Dolim was a reptilian representative of the multi-species race Xindi on the Xindi Council and a military officer. He commands a reptilian regiment. Dolim hand-picked the reptilian pilot from his regiment for the Xindi weapon kamikaze attack on Earth in 2153.

There is a story about Dolim, which Degra hoped wasn't true. Dolim's daughter gave birth to a son. He had a deformity in his right arm. Although it wasn't life-threatening, it would prevent him from joining the military. Dolim poisoned his own grandson.

When the Enterprise, reached Azati Prime, the site of the weapon construction site, Captain Archer disembarked on a suicide mission to destroy the weapon, but was captured by the insectoids and interrogated by Dolim and his soldiers. When Archer didn't say how many Earth ships entered the Expanse, Dolim ordered an attack squadron to destroy Enterprise, but the ships were recalled by Degra, Mallora, and Janar.

Dolim's relationship with Degra plummeted shortly afterwards. While at a secret meeting with Enterprise, Degra destroyed a Reptilian scout ship, killing all 22 crewmen. The Reptilians were later able to find a sensor encoder. A few days later, Archer confronted the Xindi Council. Dolim voted to postpone the weapon launch, but meant no such thing. Shortly afterwards, Dolim met Degra in his quarters. Dolim stabbed Degra and vowed to kill his family when the Council was replaced by Reptilian rule. Dolim later admitted killing Degra to the Council, only regretting not doing it sooner.

Shortly afterwards, the Reptilians and Insectoids took control of the Xindi planet-killer. Enterprise, as well as Primate and Arboreal ships, engaged the Reptilian/Insectoid armada. The fleet and weapon then escaped into a vortex. Just before they did, Dolim captured Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Sato was captured in order to arm the weapon. The weapon was designed to be armed with three activation codes (the Reptilians and Insectoids only had two). Just before Hoshi was drugged to decrypt the third code, she spat in Dolim's face.

Hoshi was able to add her own layer of encryption. However, in order to preserve their future, the Sphere Builders helped decypher the codes. Just then, Enterprise, the Primate/Arboreal fleet, and six Aquatic ships arrived to confront the Reptilians. When this occurred, the Sphere Builders activated one of their spheres and created another anomaly field that disabled three powerful Aquatic ships and several smaller Arboreal vessels. The Reptilians used this to their advantage and escaped into a vortex, having armed the weapon.

Clearly, Dolim didn't care about anything but Reptilian dominance. While heading for Earth, Dolim fired on insectoid Shrest's ship. His ship was damaged and the hulk that remained was smashed when it crashed into the weapon. Dolim only used them to get the second activation code.

The weapon emerged two million kilometers from Earth. If they had all five codes, they could have fired instantly, so they needed extra time. As the weapon armed, Dolim's ship engaged and destroyed an unarmed civilian space station.

Degra's ship arrived and transported Archer and his MACO team to the weapon. The MACOs killed the Reptilian soldiers and Archer began to deactivate the reactor, planting explosives to destroy the weapon. Dolim transported to the weapon to reverse the damage. Meanwhile, the Andorian ship Kumari destroyed Dolim's ship.

As the reactor began to overload, Archer completed the destruction sequence. Dolim then engaged him in hand-to-hand combat. During the struggle, Archer placed an explosive charge on his back. Archer detonated the charge, blowing up Dolim.


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