List of Norwegian monarchs

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Norwegian monarchs

ImageSize = width:260 height:2000 PlotArea = width:125 height:1800 left:50 bottom:150 AlignBars = early

Legend = columns:1 left:20 top:150 columnwidth:300

DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:865 till:2004 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:50 start:900 Colors =

id:SS  value:rgb(0.6,0.6,1)    legend:Sverre_dynsaty._Independent_period. 
id:OD  value:rgb(0.7,0.7,0.9)  legend:Independent_non-dynastic_monarchs.
id:DA  value:red               legend:Union_with_Denmark.
id:SV  value:yellow            legend:Union_with_Sweden.
id:DS  value:orange            legend:Union_with_Denmark_and_Sweden
id:LJ  value:green             legend:Rule_by_jarls._Danish_overlordship.
id:NO  value:blue              legend:Independent_period.
  1. there is no automatic collision detection,
  2. so shift texts up or down manually to avoid overlap

Define $dx = 25

PlotData =

 bar:Regenter color:blue width:25 mark:(line,white) align:left fontsize:S
 from:start till:931 shift:($dx,2) text:Harald I Fairhair
 from:931   till:933 shift:($dx,1) text:Eirik Bloodaxe
 from:933   till:959 shift:($dx,6) text:Haakon I the Good
 from:959   till:970 shift:($dx,3) text:Harald II Greyhide
 from:970   till:995 shift:($dx,5) color:green text:Haakon Jarl
 from:995   till:1000 shift:($dx,1) text:Olav Tryggvason
 from:1000   till:1015 shift:($dx,1) color:green text:Eirik og Svein ladejarler
 from:1015   till:1028 shift:($dx,-5) text:Olav den hellige
 from:1028   till:1030 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Knut den mektige
 from:1030   till:1035 shift:($dx,3) color:DA text:Svein Knutsson
 from:1035   till:1047 shift:($dx,4) text:Magnus den gode
 from:1047   till:1066 shift:($dx,2) text:Harald Hardraade
 from:1066   till:1069 shift:($dx,1) text:Magnus Haraldsson
 from:1069   till:1093 shift:($dx,1) text:Olav Kyrre
 from:1093   till:1095 shift:($dx,-2) text:Haakon Toresfostre
 from:1093   till:1103 shift:($dx,1) text:Magnus Barfot
 from:1103   till:1130 shift:($dx,1) text:Magnussoennene
 from:1130   till:1136 shift:($dx,0) text:Magnus Blinde og Harald Gille
 from:1136   till:1157 shift:($dx,0) text:Haraldsoennene
 from:1157   till:1162 shift:($dx,-1) text:Håkon Herdebrei
 from:1162   till:1177 shift:($dx,1) color:OD text:Magnus Erlingsson
 from:1177   till:1202 shift:($dx,1) color:SS text:Sverre
 from:1202   till:1204 shift:($dx,0) color:SS text:Haakon Sverresson
 from:1204   till:1217 shift:($dx,1) color:OD text:Inge Baardsson
 from:1217   till:1263 shift:($dx,2) color:SS text:Haakon Haakonsson
 from:1263   till:1280 shift:($dx,2) color:SS text:Magnus Lagaboete
 from:1280   till:1299 shift:($dx,2) color:SS text:Eirik Magnusson
 from:1299   till:1319 shift:($dx,2) color:SS text:Haakon V Magnusson
 from:1319   till:1355 shift:($dx,2) color:SV text:Magnus Eriksson
 from:1355   till:1380 shift:($dx,1) color:SV text:Håkon VI Magnusson
 from:1380   till:1387 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Olav Haakonsson
 from:1388   till:1412 shift:($dx,2) color:DS text:Margrete
 from:1412   till:1442 shift:($dx,2) color:DS text:Erik av Pommern
 from:1442   till:1448 shift:($dx,-1) color:DS text:Christoffer av Bayern
 from:1449   till:1450 shift:($dx,0) color:SV text:Karl Knutsson Bonde
 from:1450   till:1481 shift:($dx,0) color:DS text:Christian I
 from:1481   till:1483 shift:($dx,0) color:white text:Interregnum
 from:1483   till:1513 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Hans
 from:1513   till:1523 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Christian II 
 from:1524   till:1533 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Frederik I 
 from:1534   till:1559 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Christian III 
 from:1559   till:1588 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Frederik II 
 from:1588   till:1648 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Christian IV 
 from:1648   till:1670 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Frederik III 
 from:1670   till:1699 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Christian V  
 from:1699   till:1730 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Frederik IV 
 from:1730   till:1746 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Christian VI 
 from:1746   till:1766 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Frederik V 
 from:1766   till:1808 shift:($dx,0) color:DA text:Christian VII 
 from:1808   till:1814 shift:($dx,-5) color:DA text:Frederik VI 
 from:1814   till:1815 shift:($dx,-2) text:Christian Frederik 
 from:1815   till:1818 shift:($dx,3) color:SV text:Karl II 
 from:1818   till:1844 shift:($dx,0) color:SV text:Karl III Johan
 from:1844   till:1859 shift:($dx,0) color:SV text:Oscar I
 from:1859   till:1872 shift:($dx,0) color:SV text:Karl IV
 from:1872   till:1905 shift:($dx,0) color:SV text:Oscar II
 from:1905   till:1957 shift:($dx,0) text:Haakon VII
 from:1957   till:1991 shift:($dx,0) text:Olav V
 from:1991   till:2004 shift:($dx,0) text:Harald V


This article is a list of rulers of Norway up until the present, including:

  • The Union of Sweden and Norway (1814-1905)
  • The Kingdom of Norway (1905 to present)

The early Viking kings are listed using the name common in historic sources (with the Norwegian name in italics).

Note also that before the Law of Succession was introduced in 1163, the inheritance of the throne was an affair filled with deep conflicts. In many cases, brothers would initially share it.


The Norwegian Kingdom (872-1319)

The Union of Sweden and Norway (1319-1343)

The Union of Denmark and Norway (1380-1396)

The Kalmar Union (1397-1814)

The Constitutional Assembly at Eidsvoll (1814)

The Union of Sweden and Norway (1814-1905)

The Kingdom of Norway (1905 to present)


  1. The article Olav covers that recurring Norwegian royal name.
  2. Nominally a Danish vassal, but de facto independent

Succession to the Norwegian Throne

  1. HRH Crown Prince Haakon (b. 1973)
  2. HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra (b. 2004)
  3. Princess Märtha Louise (b. 1971)
  4. Maud Angelica Behn (b. 2003)
  5. Leah Isadora Behn (b. 2005)

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