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Here is a list of connection bandwidths: the bandwidth of some computer devices employing methods of data transport is listed by bit/s (in kilobit/s (kbit/s), megabit/s (Mbit/s), and gigabit/s (Gbit/s) as appropriate) and also MB/s or megabytes per second. Listed in order from lowest bandwidth to highest.

Whether to use bit/s or byte/s is a matter of debate. (See Talk) The most commonly cited measurement is bolded. In general, parallel interfaces are quoted in byte/s, serial in bit/s.

Many of these figures are theoretical, and various real-world considerations may keep the actual effective throughput much lower. See Measuring data throughput. The actual throughput achievable on Ethernet networks, especially when heavily loaded, is the subject of hot debate.


Note: In telecommunications, 1 kbit/s = 1 000 bit/s, NOT 1 024 bit/s. Thus, all values below use decimal kilobit/megabit/gigabit definitions.



(note: serial 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit)

Modem 110 baud110 bit/s13.75 B/s
Modem 300 baud300 bit/s30 B/s
Modem 12001.2 kbit/s120 B/s
Modem 24002.4 kbit/s240 B/s
Modem 96009.6 kbit/s960 B/s
Modem 14.4k14.4 kbit/s1.44 kB/s
Modem 28.8k28.8 kbit/s2.88 kB/s
Modem 36.6k36.6 kbit/s3.36 kB/s
Modem 56k*53.3 kbit/s5.33 kB/s


64k ISDN64.0 kbit/s8 kB/s
128k dual-channel ISDN128.0 kbit/s16 kB/s

Computer interfaces

Serial RS-232 commonly9.6 kbit/s960 B/s
Serial RS-232 max230.4 kbit/s23.0 kB/s
USB Low Speed1536 kbit/s192 kB/s
Parallel (Centronics)8.0 Mbit/s1.0 MB/s
Serial RS-422 max10.0 Mbit/s1.25 MB/s
USB Full Speed12.0 Mbit/s1.5 MB/s
SCSI 112.0 Mbit/s1.5 MB/s
typical Hard disk average transfer rate 80 Mbit/s 10 MB/s[1] (
Fast SCSI 280 Mbit/s10 MB/s
Fast Wide SCSI 2160 Mbit/s20 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 33264 Mbit/s33 MB/s
Ultra Wide SCSI 40320 Mbit/s40 MB/s
FireWire (IEEE 1394) 50400 Mbit/s50 MB/s
USB Hi-Speed480 Mbit/s60 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 66528 Mbit/s66 MB/s
Ultra2 SCSI 80640 Mbit/s80 MB/s
FireWire (IEEE 1394b)800 Mbit/s100 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 100800 Mbit/s100 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 1331064 Mbit/s133 MB/s
PCI 32/331064 Mbit/s133 MB/s
Serial ATA1200 Mbit/s150 MB/s
Ultra 160 SCSI1280 Mbit/s160 MB/s
AGP 1x2128 Mbit/s266 MB/s
Serial ATA (SATA300)2400 Mbit/s300 MB/s
Ultra 320 SCSI2560 Mbit/s320 MB/s
PCI Express (x1 link)4000 Mbit/s500 MB/s
AGP 2x4256 Mbit/s532 MB/s
PCI 64/664264 Mbit/s533 MB/s
Ultra640 Scsi5120 Mbit/s640 MB/s
AGP 4x8512 Mbit/s1064 MB/s
PCI-X 1338528 Mbit/s1066 MB/s
InfiniBand10.00 Gbit/s1.25 GB/s
PCI Express (x4 link)16.00 Gbit/s2 GB/s
PCI-X DDR18.064 Gbit/s2.133 GB/s
AGP 8x18.024 Gbit/s2.128 GB/s
HyperTransport (800MHz, 16-pair)51.2 Gbit/s6.4 GB/s
PCI Express (x16 link)64 Gbit/s8 GB/s


IrDA-Control72 kbit/s9 kB/s
Bluetooth 1.11000 kbit/s125 kB/s
802.11 legacy 0.1252000 kbit/s250 kB/s
Bluetooth 23 Mbit/s375 kB/s
802.11b DSSS 0.12511 Mbit/s1.375 MB/s
802.11b+ non-standard DSSS 0.12544.0 Mbit/s5.5 MB/s
802.11a 0.7554.00 Mbit/s6.75 MB/s
802.11g DSSS 0.12554.00 Mbit/s6.75 MB/s

Mobile telephone interfaces

GSM CSD2400 to 14400 bit/s300 to 1800 B/s
HSCSD upstream14.4 kbit/s1800 B/s
HSCSD downstream43.2 kbit/s5.4 kB/s
GPRS upstream 28.8 kbit/s3.6 kB/s
GPRS downstream 57.6 kbit/s7.2 kB/s
UMTS downstream1920 kbit/s240 kB/s

Wide area network

DS064 kbit/s8 kB/s
Satellite Internet upstream64kbit/s to 1Mbit/s8 kB/s to 128 kB/s
Satellite Internet downstream128kbit/s to 16Mbit/s16kB/s to 2 MB/s
Frame Relay8 kbit/s to 45 Mbit/s1 kB/s to 5.625 MB/s
G.SHDSL2.3000 Mbit/s0.2875 MB/s
SDSL64 kbit/s to 4.608 Mbit/s8 kB/s to 0.576 MB/s
ADSL upstream 64 kbit/s to 1024 kbit/s8 kB/s to 128 kB/s
ADSL downstream 256 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s32 kB/s to 1 MB/s
DS1/T11.540 Mbit/s192.5 kB/s
E12.048 Mbit/s256 kB/s
E28.448 Mbit/s1.056 MB/s
E334.368 Mbit/s4.296 MB/s
DS3/T3 ('45 Meg')44.7400 Mbit/s5.5925 MB/s
OC151.84 Mbit/s6.48 MB/s
VDSL (upstream)12 Mbit/s1.5 MB/s
VDSL (downstream)52 Mbit/s6.5 MB/s
OC3155.52 Mbit/s19.44 MB/s
OC12622.08 Mbit/s77.76 MB/s
OC482.448 Gbit/s306 MB/s
Fibre Channel800 or 1600 Mbit/s100 or 200 MB/s
10 Gigabit Ethernet10.24 Gbit/s1.28 GB/s
OC19210.000 Gbit/s1.250 GB/s
OC25513.21000 Gbit/s1.65125 GB/s
OC76840 Gbit/s (something wrong here!)5 GB/s

Local area network

LocalTalk230.4 kbit/s28.8 kB/s
ARCNET (Standard)2.5 Mbit/s0.3125 MB/s
Token Ring (Original)4.16 Mbit/s0.52 MB/s
Ethernet (10base-X)10 Mbit/s1.25 MB/s
Token Ring (Later)16 Mbit/s2.0 MB/s
Fast Ethernet (100base-X)100 Mbit/s12.5 MB/s
FDDI100 Mbit/s12.5 MB/s
Gigabit Ethernet (1000base-X)1 Gbit/s125 MB/s

Memory Interconnect Buses / RAM

PC66 SDRAM4264 Mbit/s533 MB/s
PC100 SDRAM6400 Mbit/s800 MB/s
PC133 SDRAM8528 Mbit/s1066 MB/s
PC1600 DDR-SDRAM12.8 Gbit/s1.6 GB/s
PC2100 DDR-SDRAM16.8 Gbit/s2.1 GB/s
PC2700 DDR-SDRAM21.6 Gbit/s2.7 GB/s
PC3200 DDR-SDRAM25.6 Gbit/s3.2 GB/s
PC800 RDRAM (single-channel)12.8 Gbit/s1.6 GB/s
PC800 RDRAM (dual-channel)25.6 Gbit/s3.2 GB/s
PC1066 RDRAM (single-channel)16.8 Gbit/s2.1 GB/s
PC1066 RDRAM (dual-channel)33.6 Gbit/s4.2 GB/s
PC1200 RDRAM (single-channel)19.2 Gbit/s2.4 GB/s
PC1200 RDRAM (dual-channel)38.4 Gbit/s4.8 GB/s


  • 56K modem capacity of 57.6 kbit/s was limited to 53.3 kbit/s over telephone lines; speed in practice typically 45 kbit/s.
  • Actual Frame relay connections will vary in throughput from 8 kbit/s to 45 Mbit/s depending on configuration. Most commonly below 2 Mbit/s.
  • ADSL connections will vary in throughput from 64 kbit/s to several Mbit/s depending on configuration. Most commonly below 2 Mbit/s. Some ADSL & SDSL connections have a higher bandwidth than T1 but their bandwidth is not guarranteed, and will drop when the system gets overloaded where as the T1 type connections are guarranteed & have no contention ratios.
  • Satellite internet may have a high bandwidth but also has a high latency due to the distance between the modem, satellite & hub. One-way satellite connections exist where all the downstream traffic is handled by satellite and the upstream traffic by land-based connections such as 56K modems & ISDN.

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