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Template:Superherobox The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is a mutant superheroine in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, she first appeared in X-Men #4 (1963).


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Cover to Avengers #234. Art by Allen Milgrom.

The Scarlet Witch is the twin sister of Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff); the twins are the children of Magneto and his late wife Magda. Magda fled from Magneto before either learned that she was pregnant. The twins were born in the fictional country of Transia on the equally-fictitious Wundagore Mountain, the prison of the Elder God Chthon. Chthon's residual energies altered Wanda's powers while she was in the womb, permuting her mutant power to bond it with chaos magic. Magda survived giving birth to the twins but days after left the refuge of the High Evolutionary. She feared that Magneto would locate her and force her to surrender the children to him. She instead chose to commit suicide by exposing herself to the frozen wasteland surrounding the refuge.

Bova, a genetically-engineered humanoid cow who served as their nursemaid, decided to find foster parents for the apparent orphans. Nearby World War II superheroine Miss America was giving birth to her own twins. Her husband the Whizzer asked for Bova to assist the birth. Mother and children died due to radiation poisoning deliberately caused by her former enemy Isbisa. Bova only reported the death of the mother but presented the alive set of twins to Whizzer as his own. He was however shocked by the death of his wife and chose to flee as far away from Wundagore Mountain as possible.

Bova returned the children to Wundagore. She later found a suitable pair of foster parents in the Rom couple Django and Marya Maximoff. Their own children Ana and Mateo had recently died and the couple saw little Wanda and Pietro as suitable replacements. They would raise them as their own. Both siblings manifested powers due to mutation in early adolescence. The Rom were however victims of prejudice by the mainstream population of Transia who considered them immoral.

Django was a doll-maker but had increasing difficulty in finding customers as Transians did not allow their children to approach the Rom. He eventually resorted to stealing food in order to save his family from starvation. Pietro took the initiative to also start steeling food. Wanda was also introduced to prejudice when a Transian boy her age attempted to molest her against her consent. She used her powers to return to safety but was accused of attempting to seduce the boy. Eventually angry Transian villagers attacked the Rom and burned their wagons. Marya Maximoff was trapped in their wagon and burned alive. Django was clubbed to unconsciousness but Pietro and Wanda managed to flee. The twins were now on their own.

Wanda and Pietro considered at this point that they were the only family left to each other. Pietro was in fact especially protective of his sister. However they were mistaken in their belief. They had lost three different mothers: Magda, Miss America and Marya Maximoff. But both their natural father Magneto and their adoptive fathers Whizzer and Django Maximoff were alive. Eventually all three would try to contact their children again.

In their early adulthood, both Wanda and Pietro were among the first members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, though neither Magneto nor his children were aware at the time that he was their father. After Magneto's abduction by the alien Stranger, the twins were recruited into the Avengers by Captain America. The Scarlet Witch has become one of the team's mainstays since then.

She married the android Vision; her hex powers allowed the couple to have children. However, it was later revealed that the "children" were not actual children; rather, they were fragments of the soul of the demon Mephisto, who had previously been discorporated by Franklin Richards. The children were restored to their natural forms as parts of Mephisto; also during this time period, the Vision was disassembled by the government, then subsequently rebuilt without the ability to feel emotions. The emotional damage incurred upon Wanda during this time frame, combined with her powers being enhanced by Immortus drove her temporarily insane, leading her to a brief alliance with her father, Magneto. However, she recovered, and remained a member of the Avengers, though she and the Vision were separated, working on different branches of the team. In order to keep Wanda's grief from overwhelming her, Agatha Harkness placed a spell on Wanda to erase her conscious memory of her "children", although she later removed this spell .

After the dissolution of the West Coast branch of the Avengers with which she served, she was a founding member and field leader of the short-lived superhero team Force Works. Wonder Man died during Force Works' first adventure, and it was years before he returned. When he did return, it was Wanda's hexes that drew his energy-based body back together, as a kind of "ionic ghost". She restored him to true life (with the assistance of Agatha Harkness), and the pair openly had an affair for several months. The Scarlet Witch has remained a frequent member of the Avengers since the reformation of the team, and she began a slow move towards a reconciliation with the Vision.

In the recent "Avengers Disassembled" crossover, the Avengers were the victims of numerous seemingly random attacks, which killed Ant-Man (Scott Lang), the Vision, and Hawkeye, and ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Avengers Mansion and the official dissolution of the team. It was revealed in the end that the Scarlet Witch had been the culprit, having been driven to madness by grief over the loss of her children, and that the chaos surrounding the attacks on the Avengers had been a result of the Witch's attempt to rewrite reality and recreate her children. The Scarlet Witch then fell in a coma due to Doctor Strange's magics and was taken into the custody of her father, Magneto.


The Scarlet Witch has the ability to manipulate the fabric of reality. While the conscious effects of this power have generally been limited over the years to short-range "hex bolts" to a variety of effects, it was recently revealed that she has been subconsciously altering the Marvel Universe on a wide scale for a number of years, including the reanimation of Agatha Harkness without consciously realising it to be the case. This aspect of her power is not under her conscious control, and continues even after Dr. Strange shut down her mind. Spotlight on Scarlet Witch (


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